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Zenitsu Agatsuma 
Demon Slayer: Season 2

Zenitsu Agatsuma is a vibrant character with depth that you would not expect. He is from the show known as, 'Demon Slayer' in the United States but in japan its called ,'Kimetsu no Yaiba'. The look I decided to cosplay from is from Season 2 while he was working undercover as a female in the entertainment district.

Kimono with this specific design is very hard to find so I decided to commission the kimono and hanhaba obi from 3 Magpies Studio. The quality of this set is excellent and very durable! I highly recommend this business for your custom kimono and obi set. They also sell their own designs as well that are edgy and as well as honoring Japanese culture.

The photographer who worked with me as we took these photos was Kathryn Lynn Photography. Even though she was unfamiliar with the series she worked with me to accomplish the looks we both could envision and we made happen. This photographer is located in the Davenport, Iowa and owns the studio, "Brick & Bougie".

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