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GaCuCon: The Coolest Gaming Cruise!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Hello all!

Have you heard me talk or post about a cruise called GaCuCon? Well if you haven't then you are going to NOW!! Gaming Cruise Convention.... three lovely words lumped together forming one of the best vacations I have experienced! I had the pleasure of attending in 2018 and 2019; I would have joined again in 2020 and 2021 but unfortunately the pandemic decided to rain on our parade. But 2022 is in the works and I cannot wait! The cruise is ran by an amazing group of people who are there to make sure all of the attendees have as much fun as possible. GaCuCon provides 24/7 access to video games, board games, card games, manga, painting Warhammer figures, as well as scheduled events such as Dungeons and Dragons!!!!!!! The team also puts together tournaments to keep energy going with friendly competitions if you're interested in that sort of thing as well as other group activities that you can do on the cruise ship! Like in 2019 we got together to play laser tag in teams, cocktail hours, and also joining in on the fun at the destinations!

Names from left to right: (Lunique Mazard, Marcell Benevento, Andru Fratarcangeli, Fushark, and Frank Velazquez) Not only will you see me on the cruise; you will also see me on their Social media! I have been used for advertisements for the cruise and that has been an absolute honor!

(This photo above was used for advertising for the Cruise in 2019!)

(Photo above used for social media advertisements) Just a few examples of what has been used ;) If you are interested in coming with to GaCuCon here is their website:

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