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Legend of Zelda: Navi

Character: Navi

Series: From 'Legends of Zelda'

Navi was a fairy that I enjoyed from the video games! Her little annoying voice was something I appreciated from the game. 

The dress was a brides maid's dress that I had sitting in my closet. I decided to remove the extra details from the dress and cut up the bottom. The wings however were made with 14 gauge wire sandwiched between two pieces of iridescent cellophane spray glued together. I had help with Iron Pyrite Cosplay with making the wings because we both wanted to learn and it was another reason to hang out!

Wig and ears were from amazon

Makeup was done by me.

Photos were taken between Iron Pyrite Cosplay and myself.

Bobert Lee edited the photo on the bottom left.

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