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Character: Medusa Gorgon

Series: Soul Eater

This was my first villain!! Medusa has a simple but awesome character design for the anime and manga! Instead of following greek mythology, the creator of 'Soul Eater' wanted to make her and the other villain's witches! Her witches powers involved the use of arrows that were also snakes.


I am very excited to say that I did make this costume!! Main fabric used was a black four way stretch cotton mix. This was made from a Simplicity pattern that was for a 70's jumpsuit that I modified! The hood and collar were additions to the jumpsuit that the pattern did not include. The white detail that is on the hood was sketched out by hand. then I traced the design on white four way stretch fabric, cut out, and hand sewn onto the hood. (one on each side) Zipper was sewn on the front.

The wig was purchased on amazon.

Contacts were ordered online, I only used them once because they kept rotating on my eye when I would blink.

Makeup and arm detail was done by photographer.

Photographer: Last known by K.S.L Photography

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