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Lady Tsunade

Character: Lady Tsunade

Series: Naruto

Lady Tsunade is, by far, my favorite female character from the series 'Naruto'! I relate to her because she is a medical ninja. If you didn't know why that's because I worked in the medical field as a Surgical Technologist. She is incredibly strong and stays true to herself. Not to mention she is hilarious!

This was my very first cosplay in 2017 and it was a month away before Anime Iowa so I just ordered the costume. I didn't like the fit of the pants that came with so I purchased a pair of navy capris and altered the hem with a friend to bring them to the right height. The costume fit me so I haven't seen the need to make a new one since.

Wig was purchased online but adjusted the style of the bangs.

Makeup was done by me.

Photographer: The Portrait Dude

Location: Planet Funk Con in Bettendorf, Iowa

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