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Strawberry Vampire

Strawberry Vampire Concept

When you think of Vampires, what comes to mind? Spooky, fake blood, sexy, the darkness? Well, what if I told you that  when I looked at my Strawberry dress I saw the potential for an adorable Vampire hungry for Strawberries dipped in blood for a little snack! When I was putting the outfit together for this look I had the idea of a vintage feel. 

So when my appointment with Honey and Ether Photography was coming up. I sent them an email with my idea for this look and one other that is back in the gallery (Iso Onna coming soon in Gallery).  The team got excited and was officially on the Strawberry ride with me! To complete this look I found on Amazon blush pink Mary Jane shoes that have lace detailing on them. White lace gloves and pearls from my personal collection to add to the delicate look.

Right before the session I went and got strawberries for the edible prop (at least until we put the fake blood on them, a yucky taste). 

As soon as we had me put that dress on, the ideas for posing just started flowing! The four of us were all on the same page on positioning, angles, facial expression, and lighting; it was effortless! Big thank you to the ladies at Honey and Ether for helping me bring this idea to life. The set, makeup, and hair style was provided by Honey and Ether Photography's package. (Link to contact Honey and Ether Photography down below)

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