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The Dark Queen - Fashion Boudoir 

The Dark Queen Concept 

So for the Halloween season I was looking forward to working with Honey and Ether Photography located in Rock Island, IL for all of the Halloween spookiness. Now, this look was something we put together with the items they had from their collection and what I had brought the day of the shoot.

I showed them the corset (purchased from Scoundrelle's Keep) and we instantly went the Regal route. When all the pieces were in place, we went downstairs to begin the photography session! I wanted to portray how a queen would be: Strength, Beauty, Regal, and not to mention snatched at the waist!!

This was just one of three looks we did and I am so glad we were able to work together to put this together and we all were on the same page. Working with Honey and Ether was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to more opportunities with this Trio: Lisa, Tori, and Nicole.  Click the link buttons below to contact them via Facebook and the link to the corset company below. 

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