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Eraser Head


Character: Shōta Aizawa (Eraser Head)

Series: My Hero Academia

This blunt and sleepy instructor found his way into my heart! Out of all of the instructors from 'My Hero Academia' I thought he was the coolest! His quirk is the ability to nullify another's quirk  by looking at them. But the side effect of that is constant dry eyes. And when he uses the quirk more frequently he does find himself blinking more. For this cosplay I used:

- Long sleeved black shirt

- Black cargo pants

- Black lace up boots that also have zippers on one side for easy removal

- Goggles were commissioned from Lelegacy Crafting. I don't have a 3D printer and I wanted these to be durable just in case because they are a small item

- The cloth that he uses to capture his enemies; I made using a dense linen fabric that is sandwiching a fusible interfacing.

- Wig purchased from Amazon


Makeup was a collaboration of myself and Spouse of the photographer (and is also a beloved friend of mine!) Kathy S.

Photographer for photos above: Komodo Photography




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