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My O.C Elf: Roshein

Character: Roshein
Custom character from my Dungeons and Dragons Campaign.

This was a combination of Joy and just because I could! Roshein was my very first DnD character that I got to make and play as. I wore this to Wizard World Des Moines in 2018.

This was also the first cosplay I put together where my midriff was exposed! I felt self conscious for a few hours but then I got used to it.

The top I made myself. I had a swimsuit top that I found on clearance; I took some YaYa Han cosplay fabric from Joann Fabrics and cut it to the shape I wanted. I hand sewed the fabric on then I purchased little gems and attached them to the top with E6000 adhesive. I also tore apart a fishing net and attached it to the top using a looped hand stitch.

The bottoms were a custom order from a dancer and crafter, Diana Bastet. I placed my order on her Etsy page.

Necklace was made from my sister in law as a present!

Hair and makeup I did myself.
Photographer: Short Round
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